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There are two main types of Gazebo for your garden - those that are designed to provide a temporary shelter from the elements and gazebos that are intended as a more permanent structure in the garden. You can find both types of gazebo at cheap prices on this site from reputable suppliers.

If you are looking for a cheap gazebo to provide a temporary structure for barbecues or for taking on holiday with you on a camping trip, beware the cheapest imports. Some of these have very soft metal or plastic legs which will not stand up to anything more than a light breeze. There are numerous reputable suppliers where you can buy a cheap gazebo.

For temporary gazebos there are two main types. Those with poles that need to be slotted together and pop up gazebos which have all the poles already attached to eachother. Pop up gazebos can be erected in as little as 60 seconds.

Cheap Round Gazebos
Although most gazebos are square or rectangular, you can pay a little bit more and get a round gazebo for a bit more style and good looks. Round gazebos are usually just as easy to erect. Some have the curtains on rings so that they can easily be pulled around. This way you can easily adjust where the shade from the sun will fall.

Cheap Waterproof Gazebos
Even the cheapest of gazebos will provide some protection from a light shower. However if you want a gazebo that will keep you dry in ongoing wet conditions then you are best off getting a waterproof model. These usually come with coated material similar to that used in the manufacture of tents. Remember to make sure that not only is the material waterproof, but also that seams and zips are constructed in such a way as to ensure that water is not able to penetrate to the inside. You should be aware though that even waterproof gazebos are not designed to withstand really bad weather conditions.


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Gazebo Bench
Quality gazebo bench. This item is flatpacked for easy delivery. It is constructed from good quality softwood and hand treated to ensure many years of excellent service.



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Round Gazebo Regency Round Gazebo - two-tone mocha design, a striking and elegant addition to your gardenh. Over 2.5m high and 3.5m wide it is spacious enough for barbecues or small parties with family or neighbours or simply to relax in the shade from the blazing summer sun. This gazebo has a sturdy steel construction and can be used as a semi-permenant Gazebo

Cheap Redstone Gazebo This outdoors gazebo / pavilion is an ideal way for you to enjoy your garden on a hot sunny day. The large 3m x 3m frame consists of 32 x 24 x 18mm steel poles which are much sturdier than a gazebo with plastic frame. It comes with a high quality polyethylene cover. The gazebo has 4 green and white detachable side panels, two with windows. This gazebo will look good in any garden, and is ideal for weddings, barbecues, garden parties and other outdoor functions. Comes with carrry case for east storage